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Zakaria, it's 6am, Jenny Cakes isn't even open yet.

I discovered Jenny Cakes when I decided I wanted to do a special cake for Hadi's transplant. I came across Jenny Cakes through a simple Google search and while the location is in the neighborhood I lived in for six years, she of course had to open right after I left. Anyway, a lovely and amazing relationship blossomed, one, because holly molly, the products are so freaking yummy and two, because how could it not when about fifteen minutes after I tagged Jenny Cakes, a donation to Be The Match was made.

Jenny of Jenny Cakes e-mailed me the following the other day and it made me so warm and fuzzy inside. :) And yes, I have said the subject line to Zakaria more than once. And I know the reason you love hearing the name took me awhile to decide on it but it means #guide and yep, that's one the little buggar will always do for me.

Go get yourself some #HadiCakes! As a reminder, $1 of each cupcake goes to Be The Match. Also as reminder, I live in Sterling. ;)




I wanted to let you know that Hadi and his name have become very much a

part of the life of the bakery and the word "Hadicakes" has become a

part of the colloquial bakery language. All of my staff know the

background for the Hadicakes, as well as quite a few customers who have

asked about them. So, there's a lot of:

Are the Hadicakes ready?

Are you out of Hadicakes already?

The Hadicakes look beautiful today!

Do we have back-up Hadicakes?

Do we need more nonpareils for the Hadicakes?

Do we still add the silver star on top of the Hadicakes?

We're out of the Hadicakes, so should we make more?

For some reason, we just love hearing his name, and each time we hear

it, it gives each of us an opportunity to think about him for a second. :)

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