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Your parents aren't as cool as my parents.





We, Ashraf and Qaiser would like to deliver this special treat of HadiCakes to you during the next few days. Please let us know when the best time is for us to visit.

This cupcake was made by Jenny Cakes using Hadi’s favorite ingredients, particularly blueberries. We are honoring Hadi by sharing this with you during this holiday season. JennyCakes is one of my daughter’s favorite bakeries in Kensington.

Hadi was the seven year old son of our daughter, Saira Sufi and her husband, Aamir Rasheed. Hadi was a twin, his brother’s name is Zakaria. Hadi was diagnosed with the bone marrow failure disease, Aplastic Anemia in September of 2017 and though he had two bone marrow transplants from an unrelated bone marrow match donor under the supervision of top medical staff at the National Institutes of Health, they both were unsuccessful and after a courageous battle, he passed away on October 21, 2018.

One-dollar from each sale of a HadiCake will be given to Be The Match to support their mission to connect more patients to the life-saving marrow transplants they need.

You can find more information about Be The Match and also donate in Hadi’s memory at

You can also find more information regarding Hadi and Aplastic Anemia at my daughter’s website and blog -

We were busy supporting Hadi and his parents this year and have not been as communicative as we would have liked, but we are hoping for a joyous new year for us and for all of you.

Happy Holidays,

Ashraf and Qaiser Sufi






Dated: 12/25/18

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