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Your flight is delayed... at least there is plenty of Dunkin

I am waiting for my flight to head back to Virginia from Boston. Airports are great for people watching and it has been fascinating looking at the faces of people as they watch the news and listen to the latest from Trump. Some folks are better about hiding their disgust than others.

I was in Boston for a work site visit and walking into my hotel room to see the lovely tray of macaroons and goodies from the sales representative made me think back to how much fun I always had exploring various cities with my coworker, Melissa and how I always appreciated the little gifts I was given by hotels wanting our business. I do have to say I prefer Boston to let’s say...Vicksburg, Mississippi. 😊 This trip has also allowed me to practice my responses to the questions regarding how many kids I have and how to respond to the various reactions.

Traveling has always been enjoyable but I did tear up going down a ramp at Logan and realizing I will never again say, “Oy, slow down, you two!” Well, at least not in this life.

My parents are watching Zakaria as Aamir also has been traveling. My dad sent a video of my mom beating Zakaria in Battle Bots and it was so cute to watch. That kid is loved by many. I am pretty sure Zakaria has gotten away with a lot while I have been away and will be requesting me to travel again soon.

As I get ready for Zakaria’s first day of third grade and how Aamir better be fully aware that I will be in need of a long hug after we get him on the bus stop, I will try to focus on how good my latte and yogurt and Cold Spoon will be tomorrow.

3-8pm at Cold Spoon, percentage of proceeds goes to Team Watience and the Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund.

20789 Great Falls Plaza #106,

Potomac Falls, Virginia 20165


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