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Yoda Best Brother Ever

When we were at NIH, the child psychologist recommended to do Appreciation Days for Zakaria and Leena to help us connect as a family and to show much we truly appreciated them and all they were going through as well. It was awesome seeing how excited Hadi got in planning these days. They involved a trophy, a banner, a mug and some small gifts. He knew exactly what his brother and sister would want. Zakaria had to have a pink mug while Leena had to have something Cheesemen (Ewok) related. To watch his face get all excited when they saw their banner(getting those banners hung was always entertaining-Aamir is resourceful), open their gifts or enjoy their Jenny Cakes was so heartwarming. You know what else has been heartwarming? Donations to Be The Match as well as the Hadi Abdur Rasheed Fund. I have been fairly vocal about my frustrations with medical professionals but I truly hope I can also relay how awesome they were. How Dr. Jill walking into Hadi's room made me and Hadi so happy to know she was the pediatrician on call. I mean, it's not because she is freaking adorable and around my height but she just also knew how to talk to me as well as Hadi and make us feel comfortable. Then there was the day she told me her son signed up with the Be The Match registry and was inspired to do so because of Hadi. There were a ton of onions at NIH that day and then yesterday I got a text that her son got a call and he might be a potential match. I need to tell Aamir to stop putting onions in our minivan. :)

I am sure many of you are reading this as you look at the beautiful snow. Yes, I currently am at the point where I still think it is beautiful and I am happy to be homebound...that will probably change by this evening. Anyway, since you are chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, might you consider one of the following:

Donating to the Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund

Donating to Be The Match

Signing up for the Be The Match Registry

Purchasing a Hadi's Crew Shirt

Purchasing a Hadi's Dab Shirt (Five more days to order this awesome shirt) .

Send me a picture of you in any of the fabulous Hadi shirts.

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