• Saira Sufi

Why did the cookie go to the doctors?

-Because he felt crummy.

I loved watching Dr. Jill walk in and see the excitement on her face when she had a new joke to tell Hadi. It was beyond adorable to watch the two of them laugh at the corniest of jokes. Hadi had a way of remembering the names of his doctors and his nurses. He loved saying "Dr. Rothschild" in a sophisticated manner. He also made sure to make it awkward in front of other doctors by saying I preferred her being on call because she was part of the A Team.

"My decision to donate to the Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund was not a difficult one to make.  Hadi was the first patient on our Pediatric Hospitalist team at NIH which was started in November 2017. Prior to this experience I was involved in the care of children in a purely clinical setting; at NIH there is concomitant research and patient care.  Hadi was a true hero in his contribution to the research of aplastic anemia, by giving of himself every day through examinations, blood tests, treatments, and answering our very frequent questions about how he felt.  I have the greatest respect for Hadi and his family, and for what they gave during the 13 months they spent here at NIH by being participants in research protocols.  Hadi's family is continuing to work tirelessly to find a cure and the only way to make this happen is to support research with the money that is needed; giving in Hadi's name was an easy choice to make and a great honor." -Dr. Jill Rothschild

What happened to the turkey during the Thanksgiving race?

-It got smoked.

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