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Who has a carrom board?

Today is the type of day where two blog posts are needed.

What is on my mind, huh? Let's go with the top 25.

1. I want to play #carromboard

2. My left eye apparently has issues and I get to see a cornea sub specialist

3. I currently hate the word specialist

4. I want specialists to promote the Hadi Abdur Research Fund

5. I really wish my #Pandora would stop playing Five Fighting

6. Drops of Jupiter by Train also could probably be given a thumbs down

7. I didn't bawl my eyes out at my optometrist appointment while looking at a jar full of #JollyRanchers but smiled thinking of Kelly Wh bringing in a box for Hadi

8. Loving the new Cold Spoon Coffee & Greek Yogurt and excited to try their new sammiches

9. I have three #Amazon packages and I have no idea what they are

10. I should have picked up the call from the 785 area code as it actually wasn't a KU fundraising call but someone wanting to give me details about basketball tickets.

11. Are we going to get snow?

12. How can I get tickets to the #HarryPotter exhibit in New York

13. Can't #MarkHammil somehow use a lightsaber to end the government shutdown

14. Pandora is now playing #Adele and I am lucky Aamir will never comment on me belting out her tunes with no warning. WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL!

15. How in the world did Quratulain KashMir convince me to try starting a #terrarium and also attempting my hand at #bonsaitrees. Those #Kashmiris, I tell ya. ;)

16. I love #JennyCakes for so many reasons, one of them being the first cake they made for Hadi's first transplant

17. I love #BeTheMatch and particularly, Sam and the Marrow Monsters

18. #MumfordandSons is freaking awesome. They opened up for #U2 in #Vancouver and I want to relive that moment.

19. #OfMonstersandMen is also some good stuff...I am of the storm.

20. Yes, I said freaking and stuff as I still am trying to swear and make it stress relieving but I am not there...I shall just live vicariously through #RashidaTlaib

21. Not gonna lie, the Hadi shirts are pretty FN awesome. ;) You know you want one.

22. Two coffees and a latte...ah yeah, Aamir gets to deal with Zakaria and an over caffeinated me, wish the poor man luck.

23. I planned on watching the #GoldenGlobes but I fell asleep.

24. I still want to see #MaryQueenofScots

25. Now I must plan a trip to #Glasgow to hear my cousins' awesome accent.

And as a bonus:

26...No, Aamir Abdur Rasheed, you aren't allowed to whistle to #tracychapman

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