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Where’s my cookie, Doubletree?

Sacramento, California. I have been to Sacramento a total of two times in my life. 2010 for a friend’s wedding and then 2021 for another friend’s wedding. Said friends are sisters. I actually confirmed my pregnancy during the first wedding. I distinctly remember calling the doctor’s office to get my blood work results and saying…wow, I am pregnant and then staring at a brunch menu wondering if I could have salmon. I didn’t know it was twins at that time. That actually was the only wedding that I participated in a choreographed group dance for the mehndi. I love to dance, I just am not very coordinated when it comes to learning group dance. I suppose I figured my friend was worth it.

This wedding was beautiful. As I sat looking at the beautiful moon and taking in the amazing weather, I thought about how awesome a dhol sounds and how I wished I could have danced with Zakaria but the groom’s son was a perfect fill in (also a twin).

I must say that Sacramento has some wicked good coffee. I did hang out with a Bostonian most of the weekend and so I felt like saying wicked (not quite sure she said wicked once but still). I went on a long walk this morning to get my coffee and I thought about how a coffee date with the groom’s sister at Weird Brothers led to the bride and groom starting their relationship and smiling at their courting process.

Watching the bride’s father dancing with his daughter made me think about how much my own father really wanted some sort of live music or dancing at my wedding. He pushed for bagpipes at one point. After Oscar Isaac converts and proposes, we will have live music and dancing at the wedding. ;)

At the end of the ceremony, the bride’s father thanked me for taking care of his baby girl. I smiled and let him know she took care of me as well. My father calls her my tall girl and it already sucks not having her around to reach top shelves. :) As we approach our descent into Dulles, not sure my future holds plans to visit Sacramento again but there’s comfort in knowing that Hadi and Zakaria attended at least one Saeed wedding, yes, in utero, but they were still there.

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