• Saira Sufi

Colossal Donuts

Aamir isn't too hard to please. He requested Shoppers colossal donuts the first birthday we celebrated together as a couple. This year, he requested Charcoal Kabob. However, you know what I really want to give him? I want to make Zakaria wear a sandwich board with the amount raised for the Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund written on it and surprise Aamir. Because, come on, how entertaining and unbelievably awesome would that be? I am also currently eating coffee Oreo ice cream gets to deal with both me and Zakaria. Fun times.

As a reminder, Ashraf and Qaiser Sufi will be matching donations until February 15th. Again, they will be doing the tango if we raise $10,000 by February 15th. They have not agreed to this but I am the youngest and only daughter and so I can make it happen. Our overall goal is to raise $60,000 within two years. Hadi's fan club was able to get my favorite flower to his funeral even though it is mad hard to find (granted, they thought it was Hadi's favorite flower but that's beside the point) and so I know we can make this happen.

And to clarify why there are two different fundraising efforts, the Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund is to fund critical research for an eventual cure against Aplastic Anemia whereas the Team Watience Be The Match page funds are geared towards adding more people to the bone marrow registry.

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