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What age can they start drinking coffee?

I keep looking at the picture of Shaima Swileh arriving at San Francisco International Airport after being kept away from her dying son. When Aamir and I landed at Dulles and got the text from my father that Hadi's respiratory condition had deteriorated and he was being transported to Children's National, I told Aamir to drive as fast as possible (I made sure to have Zakaria's motion sickness tin next to me and yes, I had to use it and yes, Zakaria was not pleased the next day when he discovered it had been used). I was separated from my Hadi for maybe a total of 5 hours. Yeah, I have not been too vocal about politics on here but golly, I hate Trump (golly definitely wasn't the word I originally typed, in case you are wondering). I see that tissue in Shaima's hand and I want to hug her so tight and let her know that Hadi will take good care of Abdullah. This leads to me letting you know I updated two pages on and I would love it if you would check them out and let me know if you have any additions. I was able to add three Hadi memories before I realized it was probably best that I switch to the coffee and chocolate page as I didn't have any tissues nearby.

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