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We must have pie!

It is Thanksgiving and I am sitting on my deck enjoying the cool breeze and some amazing coffee. I have started putting white chocolate raspberry creamer in my coffee and I am a fan. I never thought I would be the type and yes, there is a type.

I already did an outdoor Thanksgiving meal with my parents and Zakaria last Saturday. Zakaria is with father this Thanksgiving break and while it sucks that I am not in Kansas with my nephews and nieces, getting ready for the KU game, I at least don’t have to hide from anyone that I am most likely going to eat stuffing at 8:30am. I honestly don’t remember the first Thanksgiving without Hadi. I remember the second because my Kansas nephews and nieces were in town and I took my nieces and Zakaria to Nats Park to explore the light maze. My brother, my dad and nephews went to a Capitals game instead and I just remember smiling and thinking that Hadi would have picked the game but would have made sure I was alright with that decision. Oh, I remember the first Thanksgiving now! We went to Atlantis to see UVA play in Battle of Atlantis tournament. I can remember running after the Stanford coach and KU alumnus, Jerod Haase to get a picture. I don’t remember thinking that my marriage was close to ending. Ten years ago, we moved into this house on Thanksgiving weekend. I was pregnant with the twins. I wanted to help with the move but was told to take it easy. Ten years later, I am still in this house, even after the loss of Hadi and Leena and my marriage. Yes, there has been sage and a lot of Surah Baqara and it feels great. I also have not taken it easy this time around. My back is not pleased with me but my basement looks freaking incredible. Say mashAllah. I will be yelling at the screen while watching the game this afternoon and I might even use the fridge to store some mashed potatoes and pie. I do have some disturbing news though. Zakaria is not a fan of pecan pie.

My other activities for today include playing PacMan on my old school

Atari and continuing to avoid sifting through all the memories from the NIH.

Oh, 2020. Dude, I dealt with researchers at the NIH, still struggle with understanding how it is I came home to discover I had suddenly been abandoned and I have been through a divorce and shaken my head in confusion at many documents but 2020, you are, by far...the worst. Like Aaron Burr.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Who hoo for plagues and colonization! Time for pie.

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