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Watching ocean waves is an extremely peaceful experience, though this time around, it took on a whole other meaning for me. The waves were pretty intense this morning and as they hit their peak, it reminded me of how I would build myself up right before granulocytes. Man, I freaking hate granulocytes Hadi would request Aamir to stay with him the nights of granulocytes because he knew I hated watching him shiver. Anyway, as the waves crashed, I rememberEd how my body and mind would somewhat be able to relax the next morning after granulocytes. There is a massive water slide and I can hear Hadi begging me to go on it. He wouldn’t have been able to as he is not 48 inches. That being said, if the beauty of the Bahamas is what Allah (SWT) has provided us here on Earth, I have no doubt my first born is enjoying incredible slides and doesn’t have to wait in line. Aamir and I started complaining about the food not being incredible and then I stopped and realized...seriously? I teach my children to be grateful and I can’t just appreciate the fact that I can travel with my children and enjoy food by the ocean? As Hadi would have said, “Wow, Mommy, wow.” Zakaria said that at dinner last night and it brought back Hadi vividly in so many ways. I needed to hear it. Twintuition will always be there. We then found a tunnel that allowed us to see some of the most amazing sharks I have ever seen and Zakaria calmly staTed “see, even after we complain, Allah (SWT) gives us so many ways to see his beauty”. Young grasshopper, I love you.

P.S. Leena wrote Hadi’s name in sand and the waves erased away it and Leena said, “See, even the ocean wanted a piece of him.“ 😁❤️

P.P.S. Yes, I hate granulocytes but they are what fought off Hadi’s infections so please donate if you can.

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