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Twin strollers are heavy to carry down cavern stairs.

It has been four months since Hadi passed.

This picture is from when he was four months old. It is from when we went to Massanutten. The amount of stuff we fit in our minivan was incredible. This is the trip where Aamir and I decided it was a smart idea to go to Luray Caverns with a stroller. It is the trip I accepted that I was drained from breastfeeding twins and allowed myself to stop. It's the trip that 4 year old Leena made me smile by saying, "alright, let's get out some paper and start planning our days."

Zakaria and I made bagged lunches for the Embry Rucker Shelter today. I have no idea if I signed up for today because it is 4 months since Hadi passed. I do know that the hurt will still be there in 4 years but at least I know Hadi will always be my guide in trying to help others and to focus on the good.







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