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Tush Push

I recently had a dream that Hadi's chief doctor was practicing line dancing. It was disturbing on so many levels. One, he is a Rear Admiral, two, the "hospital" happened to be in the basement of my Kansas house. I am smiling because I know some of you reading this just thought about some awesome parties in that basement. I also believe I was the patient in the dream. I have never been one to analyze dreams but that one definitely had me thinking. I really am glad my children were able to see the house I grew up in when we visited Topeka. I am sad that Hadi never was able to see Allen Fieldhouse. I may have split from my family while they were looking for souvenirs and forced a construction worker to let me into the Fieldhouse after I told we weren't allowed in. We freaking drove from Virginia to Kansas, I was going to see Allen Fieldhouse. So, Hadi didn't get to see Allen Fieldhouse but he inspired many Kansans who never even met him and that makes me happy. Happy? What does that word mean to you? People have asked me how I am doing. I never have been one to sugarcoat and I often respond with "okish." Because I don't know how to fully explain how it feels to look at Hadi's bed each morning. I don't know how to explain how I felt when Zakaria wanted to wash Hadi's "Best Medical Taker" trophy and all the crayons he had peeled and split in half and stored in the trophy. I had that trophy made because seriously, Hadi could take his pills better than most adults. We were told to have Hadi practice on Tic Tacs as research shows that helps kids. I never had to use the Tic-Tacs. Research. Not going to lie, the word brings out many emotions in me but the one I feel the most is hope. I wish I knew exactly how Hadi's journey will influence future Aplastic Anemia treatments and inshAllah a cure but I know it is our duty to ensure that research happens.

I know you guys agree because we raised $703.18 in one day. I say you guys when write about Kansas. Also, how awesome is it to see a Jayhawk hijabi hugging Ilhan Omar before she was sworn in! Love you Asma Rehman. I might finally forgive you for asking me tricky basketball rules during the 2008 National Championship.

Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund

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