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"I didn't see him get on the bus." Those are words I never want to hear again from the bus driver. Zakaria got on the wrong bus today and I had to tell myself I wouldn't freak out. Poor kid was confused because his bus driver/bus number isn't consistent. The drivers were able to figure it out and in true Zakaria fashion, he got off the bus and excitedly explained what happened, complete with hand gestures not realizing how freaking worried I was.

I have already had two cups of coffee and so I won't have another but I would like to report that I finished my first mug display! I also am pleased that I am not high off of the absurd amount of spray paint I used. :)

Two more days until winter break. I am excited about spending time with Zakaria but also am realizing I am going to need to up my energy if I am going to keep up with him. I could also just make him watch Star Wars on repeat. I wonder if any of us will make it to midnight on New Year's Eve. Woah, what a year...suppose that is quite the understatement.

Just because I haven't mentioned it in awhile-TEAM HADI HAS RAISED $53,737 so far for Be the Match. Come on you guys (the use of "you guys" rather than "y'all" is more appealing to the Midwesterners and will get them to donate more, right?), get us to more than $56,312 by December 31st

so we can say Team Hadi has the top individual fundraising page. Maybe we can figure out a deal where you get Aamir's brisket if you give $500 or more. Speaking of which, TheSmokingHo is now following me and before you jump to any conclusions, HE is following me because I used #brisket and his last name is Ho and he also enjoys smoking brisket.

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