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“The winding path to peace is always a worthy one, regardless of how many turns it takes.”

I have a case of the Mondays. The weekend was fairly exhausting and I actually napped and I never nap. Friday night was the PTA Bingo night that I helped organize and it reminded me of how much Hadi loved playing bingo at NIH on Wednesday nights with David and his team. I know people were a bit confused when I starting chuckling at the announcer reading out i25. David used to joke and say i25 was when he started his modeling career. It still stings looking at Zakaria at school events and imagine Hadi sitting next to him...I am pretty sure they would be using the daubers on each other's faces. I thought about how this was my second PTA event as a single mother and I am just going to say it, we rocked it. Zakaria was a huge help and Orange Theory came in handy as putting together pre-order bags and getting them down two flights of stairs was easier using my strong arms, and yes, I am currently kissing my biceps. It's always awesome seeing PTA folks and volunteers get to gettin right before an event begins. Yes, I said get to gettin, I keep trying to figure out a way to use "runnin and gunnin" in one of my posts-in case you didn't know, that means fast.

I had every intention to fully watch the Kansas-Kansas State game on Saturday while eating Tostito chips and cold queso but I ended up waking up and realizing Zakaria was watching Clone Wars. Alas, Rock Chalk. Saturday evening was spent with some lovely friends and yummy food and of course, discussion about Coronavirus and who we should vote for on Tuesday. I would love to say we all decided to stock up on essentials like milk and inhalers and that we all will be voting for the same person but I will just say that the carrots were delicious and were made with dairy free butter.

Sunday was a bowling event with APPNA (Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America) and we spent time highlighting Be The Match and the importance of getting more South Asians on the registry. The DMV APPNA President, Samia Piracha's son, Esah and Hadi were close friends and Samia reached out because she really wanted to do a bone marrow drive and I am proud to say we both made it through our introductions/comments with few tears. However, Hadi probably would have been laughing so hard that he would have cried at watching me bowl one round and ending up with two gutter balls.

My Monday is almost over but I have to take Zakaria to banjo lessons at 7:00pm...but he is making a homemade puzzle out of one of his favorite pictures (take a guess at which one). He also wrote me a song and had to stop mid play to come hug me. Thank you, Allah (SWT) for giving me such loving children that have taught me so much and continue to do so.

The Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund

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