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The Apricot Triangle Thingies

I am sitting outside of Cold Spoon on a bench on this gorgeous day, enjoying my yogurt and coffee. The tables and chairs where I was told that my marriage was ending are not here. Ya really had to choose Cold Spoon, huh? That‘s what popped into my head as I watched the medivac pass by in the sky. What also popped into my head was how sad Hadi was to hear when Cold Spoon stopped serving gelato. Great Falls Plaza, which, go figure, is in Sterling and not Great Falls, holds many memories and that’s what I realized when I watched a husband and wife grab hands and watch their kids on their scooters. Off to Dunkin We Shall Go...

I attended a lunch party today and it was great seeing so many old friends and fully appreciating how it feels to be related to someone for ten years and then overnight, no longer be related. How it feels to have to respond to someone’s question regarding my son’s health with, “he passed”...and then have to listen to apology after apology for having asked. Reminder, I love talking about my son. Grief, can we please no longer be besties? Or at least can you give me a warning when a wave is about to knock me over after a lovely couple of days. I had an amazing dulce de luche latte from Dolcezza yesterday and had lunch with AAMDS at Tandoori Nights to celebrate the CEOs 20 year anniversary of being diagnosed with aplastic anemia. The AAMDS Founder, Bart Fisher’s son, Ivan passed away from aplastic anemia when he was seven. I kinda think Hadi and Ivan were chuckling when I was discussing my love of hamantaschen. Thinking a Jenny Cakes visit is in order. We also discussed how another board member had a Chewbacca costume for her dog. it reminded me of when Hadi dressed up as Chewbacca to terrify nurse Serena. I was telling this to Hadi and Zakaria’s nanny, Ms. Meghan over text last night and without missing a beat, she said she could imagine his mischievous smile and laugh. Meghan was their nanny from two weeks old until four and man, do they love her. Zakaria insisted on sending her a Pokemon at 6:45am. Meghan has seen me through it all, from nursing twins while watching Ellen to reminding me of the strength of my faith these past few years. She is in North Carolina now but I would love to open the door and see her with two Dunkin Donuts coffees.

Weekends without Zakaria are tough and seriously, yes, self care is necessary but how nebulous of a term is that? Can my self care be Poe Dameron giving me a massage (stop thinking that way, I more mean, like a deep tissue therapeutic one)? Or is it more like getting all the stuff done that I don’t wanna do, why the heck do I have so many stud earrings and do they really need to be organized?

I am going to The Children’s Inn fundraiser tonight. This means I might actually be up past 9pm. Hadi didn’t get to spend much time at the Inn but Zakaria definitely made an impact.

Now is the point where I realize I should probably go home and focus on all I am grateful for; including Uber so I don’t have to drive into DC. Ya wanna know what I really want to be grateful for though? You all fully funding the Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund. Let’s get to gettin. 😊 Oh...and Rock Chalk!

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