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Taming of the Shrew

It is almost time for my flight’s descent into Dulles.

I am studying Marital and Family Therapy these days. On my first flight, I read the resources for my assignment this week. I tried to focus on the material but the couple next to me were discussing finances and buying a house together. While they respected each other, it was getting a little heated. That’s when I started affirming the gut feeling I have when I respond to people asking if I am ready to be back on the market with a resounding “nope”. First of all, the only market I want to be at is Pike. Yeah, I go through wanting to live on the West Coast for about a week after any vacation there. Secondly, that gut reaction changed when I watched “10 Things I Hate About You” on my second flight. I mean, maybe it would be nice to have someone to reenact Pride and Prejudice with...I went with Jane Austen because Shakespeare just doesn’t do it for me.

Are my summer vacations for this year truly over already? Boo. I went on a boat yesterday and enjoyed the Wilmette River. It was like I was back in Topeka on Lake Sherwood. Granted, it was much more beautiful and I didn’t see one Natty Light. ;)

Somehow I ended up with a middle seat for this flight and it is taking everything in me not to use my arms to hold back the two women on each side of me during the intense turbulence like I used to do with my sweet Hadi and Zakaria. Traveling will always be enjoyable, it just stings a bit wondering what kind of donut the boys would have picked out on this trip. I decided that I had to hit two donut places today to make up for not having either of my twins with me. Hadi would have appreciated the horchata donut and Zakaria-let’s pretend he would have been okay with the lemon poppyseed. 😊 I wonder what kinda flavors there are in Jannah.

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