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T-Town-A Happening Place

Yep, proud to be from Topeka, Kansas. I was all sorts of giddy listening to Harriet Lerner on Brene Brown’s episode and her introduction mentioning her time at Menniger Foundation in Topeka. That being said, I honestly can’t remember if I ever saw her son, Ben Lerner debate.

It is Eid and I am thinking about that drive from Topeka to Kansas City for Eid prayers. You know what I miss? Bannister Mall. We used to go there after Eid prayers before we would go to various gatherings. I was allowed to pick out one gift. It pretty much was always a Hello Kitty item.

How will Zakaria remember this Eid? My first as a single mother and my first time and inshAllah last time celebrating Eid in a pandemic (no comments on Eid ul Adha, ok?). I mean, maybe he will remember not being confused by how many times to hug someone after the Eid khutbah (I am a three hugger by the way) but I hope he remembers how we still made it special. I hope he remembers how much we are loved and how he had to hug me tight after every drop off of food, dessert or flowers. Kid looked sharp in his shiny outfit and man, how much sugar can one eat before 9am? We visited Hadi’s grave and as I told Hadi it was an unusual Eid, Zakaria reminded Hadi that it wasn’t different in the fact that we were visiting him. Oh, how I am grateful for my wise sons. We socially distanced at my parents and I had some suviyan. I smile thinking back to how my mom would make it in the morning but sometimes it had to be eaten in the car on the way to Kansas City.

I am currently sitting on my patio and wondering what the rest of the year looks like for us. Allah is the best of planners, Zakaria is with his father for the rest of today and so maybe, just maybe I will watch something besides LEGOs Star Wars. I should also probably eat some real food but there are Duck Donuts calling my name...LBA, Sufi, Sufster, Ms. Sufi and my favorite...the twin’s mom,

Eid Mubarak everyone.

What’s your favorite memory of Eid?

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