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Sweet Braided Bread

You know how there was discussion how shaking hands would be a thing of the past after Covid? I saw a whole lot of handshaking this morning and I realized I kinda was looking forward to not shaking hands. I remember distinctly my older brother telling me to have a firm handshake and look someone in the eyes. Now, it is this whole battle in my head. Oh man, he's going in for the handshake, where is my antibacterial gel, why are we doing this, no, it is not because I am a Muslim female that I don't wanna shake hands...

I was helping out at a food drive this morning with Zakaria and it was cute that he wanted to know how many pounds of food were donated. It will always sting a bit thinking about how Hadi and Zakaria would have been such a force at these events. Probably would have argued over how to organize but they would get the job done. June 7th, 2011. I carried my twins to 38 weeks. The days leading up to the birthday of a lost child are indescribable. I know I will get through Monday and yet again I will wonder how it is humanly possible to have so many emotions in one day, heck, in one hour.

As you can see, Team Watience has a new website and I am thrilled about it. I will be giving updates shortly. I am not pleased that all my blog posts didn't transfer over. That being said, I can't bring myself to read them. Maybe I day.

In the meantime, I need you all to send me songs to add to the playlists that I will be adding to the website. Also, I need you to do something in honor of Hadi on June 7th. Something that makes you truly happy. At the moment, to make myself truly happy, I am going to go have some chocolate babka that a friend brought me, all the while still strongly supporting Palestine.

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