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Suggestions Needed!

I drove by Carter's today and I remember how much I loved going in there and buying clothes for the boys. We received a lot of matching clothes in the beginning but I decided that I didn't want them to wear matching clothes just because they were twins. Each parent of multiples makes that call and I was adamant they would wear different clothing. As I put Zakaria's clothes away, I thought about how Hadi was more into sports jerseys and shorts while Zakaria is a big fan of a plain white shirt and "soft pants". It makes me smile when Zakaria will put on something that was clearly Hadi's, i.e. a red hoodie. I just designed some new "Hadi's Crew" shirts and I am hoping you will purchase them and wear them and think of us while you watch Star Wars, attempt a Rubix cube, put together the Death Star lego set, enjoy some HadiCakes at Jenny Cakes bakery or put together a meal for others this holiday season. I am enjoying a cafe con leche and am thinking of what I want to include on this website/blog. I truly enjoy hearing how Hadi left an impression on you. Or Aamir, Zakaria, Leena or even me and so I am going to add a place for people to leave their comments. I also plan on putting information on how you can purchase the awesome shirts. I also want to include a place for you to see the different volunteer opportunities that I think are great experiences. Obviously I will continue to put up information about Aplastic Anemia, bone marrow failure and how you can help. Please let me know what else would entice you to want to come to every single day and tell others about it...besides wanting to include a video of Aamir and I doing the tango.

There was a virtual community prayer on Sunday organized by a fellow Jayhawk and led by Imam Majid. I had planned on saying more words of gratitude but when I heard one of Hadi's closet friends says she missed him and thanked everyone for reading Surah Yaseen, it took everything in me to get a few words out that were understandable. :)e

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