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Stay With Me

Stay with me. That is what a close friend said to me today as she held my arm tight and we saw the tiny casket in the prayer area at the funeral of a five week old baby today. I am really glad she was next to me. She mentioned later that there is a different kind of pain on the faces of parents who have to bury a child. It was interesting being on the other side this time. I only realized on my way home how I did exactly what I didn't want people to do to me with Hadi. I said to cry it out and to yell it out. The parents looked at me and I automatically knew that was as if they were telling me that they knew perfectly well that their child was at peace and that they weren't upset at that moment. They didn't need my advice. Everyone grieves in their own way and for me, I can honestly say I haven't done much yelling but then again, we are just a the beginning of KU basketball season.

I wasn't planning on writing two posts today but I felt I had to, particularly as I opened a package from a friend and the card said "Sufi"... I don't let many people call me Sufi and I knew I would have to brace myself before I read her card and sure enough, I needed tissues. She might still have a scar from when I clutched her wrist waiting to hear if Raef LaFrentz was going to stay for his senior year, yet she still donated platelets for the first time in Hadi's honor. Then I saw a picture of the beautiful HadiCakes from JennyCakes and maybe, just maybe I will yell at the heart wrenching beauty that comes from burying a child.

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-And obviously, order some HadiCakes!

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