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Stand By Me

“Stand By Me” is such a good song and I needed to hear it this morning. It came on right after my beautiful daughter said, “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine, more memories might come back to you and you can relive the good times.” This was after I told her today might be tough because I plan on going through all the Star Wars stuff as well as the bags of Hadi memories from the NIH. I have been putting it off but now everything else has been organized, including the cedar closet. Leena is right though. I picked up the really soft stuffed bear that Hadi and I slept on/fought over and I smiled. Mr. Bear, that’s what Hadi named him. You know what else Leena said? She reminded me that I like Zeke’s coffee and I should add it to my coffee and chocolate page on my blog. She is brilliant...say MashAllah. :) Zakaria also reminds me of all our great memories, he saw a picture of when we went lavender picking and asked if we could go again. I wonder what else I will come up with us for us to do, specifically during this winter break. to Dunkin we shall go.

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