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Stairway to Heaven

Wait, his name is Zakaria? That's what I had to have the neighbor I met last night repeat after she told me her twins' names, Nick and Zaki. See, they were dressed as Mario and Luigi and though I held it together for most of the night, the tears came streaming down as I remembered my twins dressed as Mario (Zakaria) and Luigi (Hadi). I am pretty sure it was Hadi who made sure I walked up with Katie to the spooky house to ensure I saw the adorable twins. I became that creepy adult shouting out that I wanted to meet Mario and Luigi's parents. I also got to meet big sister, Rumi. The mother picked up on the fact that I am not a huge fan of October...Hadi passed in October and my house caught on fire in October.

I still love Halloween. I loved hearing my neighbor's voice shout my name out to figure out where I was as it reminded me in the midst of my tears that...I am not alone. It's November now and I get to figure out what to do with my four day weekend, especially since I don't have my little sidekick to help it appear that I go to kid type events for him and not me (truth be told, I will probably still try to make him go when he is 18). I will be making my apple crisp and painting a pumpkin. Zakaria has forbidden me from opening up all the cards we have received until he is back home.

Ya know what is awesome about going through "this"...whatever the F "this" is? Sorry, Zahir, it's Jummah, couldn't bring myself to spell out the whole word. I have gotten to learn a lot about the people I chose to surround myself with...and ones that I would like to surround myself with (Poe Dameron, anyone?). In asking for suggestions, I have learned music and movie tastes that have surprised me and while our current political situation terrifies me, my faith in humanity has increased.

Go Nats! I just felt like I had to end this post that way. ;)

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