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So, what you wanna do?

I have Salt N Pepa going through my head. Probably not the most appropriate music for Jummah but I did listen to Surah Kahf earlier. I am glad it is the weekend and we have Leena. Weekends used to suck at the NIH, the place was so quite but then I started appreciating the quiet. I also attempted to understand the world of Pokemon when we tried to find pidgeities (???) in the empty hallways but it was pretty awesome just watching Hadi and his nurses talk in this new language I knew nothing about. I went out to brunch with a couple of friends and in between assuring the Canadian that flapjacks are indeed just another word for pancakes, we began discussing our bucket lists. The thing is, I am not sure what I would put on a bucket list besides traveling. I met The Edge, my son talked to Mark Hamill, I lived in a hospital environment for 13 months (that's on everyone's bucket list, right?) and during those 13 months, I went from having to leave the first meeting with the NHLBI Clinical Director handling Hadi's case because of a panic attack to having him call me a strong woman when we had to discuss the inevitable of saying goodbye to Hadi. What will this weekend bring? Will I focus on Zakaria waking up far too early or Leena being close to my height? Will I think about Hadi and Zakaria making a hide out of the trees and bushes in our back yard? Or will I think about stupid freaking contrast needed for CT scans, how my blood would boil when I heard conflicting information regarding Hadi needing a poke, or how I went from barely being able to discuss bowel movements to full on conversations about color and consistency and then smiling when Hadi commented on how much I had changed over the months. Maybe, just maybe I will focus on how much Hadi has continued to be our guide as a family and that he will be whispering for me to not yell too loud at the television when Kansas plays Villanova tomorrow.

And by the way, I love the Hadi's Crew shirts. Just sayin. Team Watience is written down one of the sleeves and I feel all hip...which means I am totally not hip.







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