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Salt N Peppa

Shenandoah Valley. I love this area and how breathtakingly beautiful it is. I have some time away from Aamir and the kids and I am excited for my scone and latte. The one cup of coffee rule doesn’t apply during spring break. I love the “wherever you are from, you are welcome here signs”. I will ignore the occasional confederate flag or “don’t take away my gun rights” signs. We spent some time in Charlottesville yesterday and met up with some friends at the carnival. I loved the smiles and hugs and it reminded me how good it feels to be able to be myself around a true friend. I also think Aamir realized maybe his stomach isn’t as tough as he thought on spinning rides. I went on the Ferris wheel with Zakaria and I stared out at the gorgeous view and thought about how Hadi would have wanted to go on every ride and I would have held my breath as he went on the terrifying rides. I drove back but I was exhausted and had to put on my older brother‘s cardio playlist to keep me awake. I did question my parenting as I was belting out Push It with Zakaria and Leena in the back seat. Oh, and as to which brother’s playlis... Awais’. Yeah...the kids we’re surprised too. Man, this scone is incredible. Honey and cinnamon from Bella Gelato and Pastries in Harrisonburg. I am looking at you, Nazia. Today feels like it will be a good day. Granted, a good day for me is much different than it was before September 4th, 2017. I plan on checking out some hipster stores because I am cool like that and then hitting a antique mall and smile at the face that there is way too much from my childhood now in antique malls.

We went to Luray Caverns yesterday as well and I appreciated the sign explaining where the coins from wishes goes. It’s comforting knowing others know the importance of medical research.

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