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Saira ASHRAF Sufi

I had breakfast today with one of my closest friends from high school and she commented that my parents haven't changed. I knew she would understand when I told my father it was probably best to not use to word "expired" to discuss Hadi's passing as it was mostly a term just used my medical professionals. She got a kick out of that. This is the same friend who attended my brother and sister's wedding in Austin and was forced to iron a Pakistani wedding outfit. She deserves some mad props for that. That same outfit dyed my skin purple as my brother got married in Austin and it was freaking hot. Man, if only my kids knew me in high school. That being said, my hair is basically the same.

Anyway, back to my parents. What shall I call them? Dr. Ashraf and Dr. Qaiser Sufi? The Doctors Sufi, the badass parents of Saira, the loving grandparents of Leena, Hadi and Zakaria. I won't be able to fully express how it felt to see my father walk into Hadi's hospital room with whatever I had requested from him, though he apparently thinks I am a fan of hoity toity waffles rather than just Eggo. Alright, I digress. The Doctors Ashraf and Qaiser Sufi will match all donations to the Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund up to $10,000 until February 15th. The Doctors Ashraf and Qaiser Sufi will also do the tango if we raise $10,000 by February 15th.…/hadiabdurrasheed…/index.html

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