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Red Granite

The man who murdered Nabra is behind bars. I keep thinking of how her father said, “I miss her” after the verdict was announced. I miss Hadi, I really do. Aamir is at a work conference in Austin, Texas and Zakaria and I tagged along for the weekend. Zakaria got sick on the plane (we share both stubbornness and motion sickness) and I reminded Aamir to rub his back. Zakaria sat next to Aamir on the second leg of the flight since he sat next to me on the first leg. I used to love having both of my boys sit with me on flights. Watching their eyes widen when I allowed them Ginger Ale was adorable. There was a medical issue on our first flight and so many things ran through my mind as the flight attendants asked any medical professionals to come to the front. I thought about how my dad would have rushed out of his seat if he was with us. I thought about how I looked at my brave Hadi as were in the medivac on our way to Cincinnati. I smiled thinking about the medivac staff standing in front of the window in the ambulance to block out the sun from Hadi’s eyes. The medical issue was resolved and the passenger was fine. Anyway, Austin was fun, Zakaria’s favorite part was the capitol and my favorite part was telling Zakaria to not yell too loudly at the tv against Duke. Where does he pick up these things? Also, RockChalk, Wahoowa...that works, right? I miss Hadi’s funky photo poses but Zakaria definitely has his own style as well.

Zakaria and I continued our adventures this morning by seeing the cherry blossoms and visiting NIH. Zakaria really wanted to see Nurse Kelly. I would like to think I can handle horrible memories a bit better but...walking through the back doors of the ICU and suddenly remembering how many people were involved in getting Hadi down to the operating room was tough. That being said, it’s still healthy for me to visit NIH. I enjoy seeing the people who cared for Hadi and let me know why he was so special to them. I recently heard from a mother whose son was at NIH with Hadi. Her son passed about a month ago and as Zakaria said, Hadi is giving him a tour. ❤️

Since read this far, a few reminders:

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