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Rare Disease, Rare Bird

Rare Bird by Anna Whiston-Donaldson is a memoir of loss and love. I would like to consider myself a pretty avid reader but it has been long while since a book has talked to me like this one does. "And these challenges often point toward God. Toward issues of the heart....To relying on God when your reserves are too low and accepting forgiveness and grace when you screw up". Anna speaks of how ribbons on trees are like a hug on a miserable day and when I read that I found myself nodding (again, thank you to awesome neighbors). "One line texts that say only "I love you and I'm praying". Man, if I could only explain how much those texts mean to me. I am staring out our bay window (yeah, surprisingly, I am not at Cold Spoon) and I am watching the beautiful birds and wondering when they will try the new suet that I put up. I was texting with Hadi and Zakaria's nanny and she was reminding me of their nature walks and how Hadi was really into them and would focus on trees and birds, whereas Zakaria would scream, "Ahhhh, T.Rex-run!" The two of them together were so awesome to watch, Hadi with his intelligence and Zakaria with his creativity. I tried to come up with another word for intelligence because I feel like I am implying Zakaria isn't intelligent but I haven't had enough coffee.

I currently have the house to myself and I am remembering how much I hated being alone in this house while Hadi was still in the hospital but now it is sort of comforting and not just because I don't have to listen to Aamir loudly

chewing nuts (I promise I do love the man) but more because Hadi might not physically be here but he is still here and at least I can imagine him climbing the tree outside our bay window without my heart jumping into my throat.

It's hump day...hence the camel.

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