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Ramadan, what's for suhoor?

Day 3 of Ramadan and I am exhausted. It is a different exhausted than last year when I spent Ramadan at NIH. Waking up for sahoor and going to the family room and seeing what was in the fridge became my routine. My incredible friends made sure I was well stocked and I will admit to discovering that I am not a huge fan of chia pudding. I am fully aware that it is through Allah (SWT) that I had the strength to deal with fasting while also reviewing Hadi's counts every morning. I also wanted to make sure we made Ramadan special while we were at the NIH and I can clearly hear Hadi's voice in my head saying that he loved the decorations that Auntie Diba put up. There were also the aunties who made sure Zakaria and Leena weren't left out and decorated our house. Though Nusra was concerned the way she put the two blow up crescent moons made them look more like bull horns.

Zakaria woke up yesterday for his partial fast and it was adorable to see how excited he was eating his Paw Patrol Kix cereal. I was proud of him and let him have an ice cream sandwich when he came home from school.

Aamir is traveling and so iftar has been pretty low key but guess what? I discovered that warming up pineapple pizza in the toaster oven makes the pizza quite tasty. You can stop judging me for liking pineapple pizza. What is your favorite way to warm up pizza?

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