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Puhcan versus Pecan

I didn’t have time to go to the apartment and pray before picking up Zakaria and so I prayed at my house. Yep, my charred house. It felt incredible. Remembering Hadi and Zakaria running around and also imagining what wood floors I will pick for the rebuild. Zakaria is with his therapist at the moment and I am in the waiting area, staring at the pecan pie K-Cup. I am excited to pick up my pecan pie from Jenny Cakes tomorrow...along with some Hadi Cakes, of course. This will be my first Thanksgiving as a divorcee. I kinda just like saying that...divorcee. Yes, I realize I am officially not a divorcee quite yet because, well...Virginia. August 26th, 2020 and it’s official. I always shook my head at the thought of divorce parties but ya know what, I get it now.

That being said, today marks three months since I walked into my house to find my husband’s clothes gone, along with important documents. I hadn’t realized the cable card was gone at this point. Anyway, Islamically, since it’s been three months, my “waiting period“ to get remarried is over. I let Oscar Isaac know this but haven’t heard back. ;)

Last Thanksgiving, we were in the Bahamas to watch UVA play in the Battle for Atlantis. I wonder if the plans to end our marriage were being arranged without my knowledge then. Whateva, at least I will get some stuffing this year.

I will also debate on Black Friday if I want to get anything for the house...since it will be awhile before the house is rebuilt. How long? Who knows? My response to pretty much everything these days is...INTO THE UNKNOWN! Oh, how I love you, Elsa.

As you are purchasing items on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday or Shake Your Booty Wednesday, I ask you to consider the following:

Coexist Coffee

Weird Brothers Coffee

Weird Brothers Coffee

Hadi Cakes JennyCakes Bakery

You can also support the Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund directly:

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