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Zakaria tried to stay awake to watch the last Star Wars trailer last night but the little guy was exhausted. I tried to wake him up to share my excitement but he was fast asleep. He then watched it a few times around 5am and was jumping on my back when I told him I secured tickets to see it on opening night.

New apartment, Comet Walk, and Star Wars all on the one year anniversary of Hadi’s heaven day. Coincidence? I think not. The Comet Walk is a fundraiser at Zakaria’s school, Horizon Elementary. Team Watience was a sponsor and I spoke a bit at the beginning and made sure everyone did a booty shake. Seeing all those kids with their awesome shirts and hearing some of them genuinely,“sorry for your loss” was...indescribable. The youngin who made sure to stop and tell me he was in Hadi’s class...I luckily stopped by self from squeezing him tight.

It’s going to be a rainy day today and after getting some apartment essentials, I will settle into my new dwelling. Still kinda feels like I am back in college. Anyone have a massive Raef LaFrentz poster?

A year has passed and I sincerely appreciate all the love shown to me yesterday. I am fully aware that Hadi was making sure I was taken care of. And while it wasn’t and Elevation burger, the Creekstone burger and shake delivered to me by a friend was the perfect way to end my night.

Please continue to send me songs that empower and uplift you. I am loving my current mix of Kanye and Sara Evans. 😊

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