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One Year

Virginia and Kansas both play today. Aamir and Zakaria are wearing UVA shirts, Leena is wearing a Kansas shirt and I am wearing a Rare Diseases Awareness shirt. September 21st is when Hadi was admitted to the NIH, October 21st is when he said bye bye to this world. I remember that morning and watching the sunrise and the resident telling us to spend time with Hadi. I remember walking down to the morgue with the nurses and them not quite knowing how to react when I shook my booty in front of Aamir. I now understand that memory will always be Hadi’s way of making sure I am alright. Boy knew how to get me to laugh my real laugh. He could also read the emotions on my face annoyingly well. “Mommy, why are you mad at Daddy?” He would say this before Aamir even realized I was annoyed. Aplastic Anemia is tough on everyone and can be tough on a marriage. I have to smile thinking about Hadi telling me I had to kiss Aamir when he walked in the room. One month. Do I put a little sticker on Hadi’s yellow teddy bear like parents do each mont for the first year of their kid’s lives? Yellow teddy bear is looking pretty...loved. I thought about making him all pretty but nah, I want to remember how much Hadi loved him, but I do wonder how long is nose will stay on.

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