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Oh, Zimmerman, I remember you when you were a wee little one in 2005

Sunday morning calls for good coffee so Colada it is. As I waited for my cafe con leche (seriously, it is amazing), I decided to look up the definition of “ghosting”:

The practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication. "I thought ghosting was a horrible dating habit reserved for casual flings" is the sentence they include as an example. Casual fling, 10 years of marriage...ya know, same thing, right?

I went to the Nats Parade yesterday and I realized it’s possible to enjoy myself while also having an aching heart imagining Zakaria dancing next to me while Hadi marched in the parade as part as one of the little league teams.

In walking around DC yesterday, I was fascinated with how much it has changed. I began thinking about my 18 years in this area. 13th and H brought back Caribou coffee trips with Liz. The metro brought back being able to finish Harry Potter on the way to Maryland. Seeing the fruity Natty Lights all over the parade grounds reminded me that it’s important to remain classy. ;) I am 40 years old, it is a Sunday morning and I so just want to be in my house, making pancakes and listening to music with Hadi, Zakaria and Leena but alas,

I don’t imagine I can have Poe Dameron, just sayin. 😊

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