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Oh, now look what you lost.

I have gotten pretty good at silently crying that I kind of freaked myself out when I ugly cried in my car this morning after reading a Twitter post. Why is it that I can only snort when I cry? Zakaria gets a kick out of me trying.

I met up with a warrior mom at NIH over the weekend and listening to her beautiful Southern accent and her talk about Dr. Parda, it was like a waterfall of memories and emotions. Us warrior moms, we don’t need to say anything when we hug tightly. Albumin, bilirubin, chx wipes....rating of nurses. My little Alabama fighter and Hadi have more strength and courage in their pinkies than Raef LaFrentz. Hey, he is who came to mind.

Ya know what else I love about this warrior mom? In discussing what would be helpful for long term caregivers to have, she said laundry detergent pods because the ones NIH gives our are “janky”. She said it the way only a Southerner can.

The picture doesn’t really go with this post but I did actually snort when listening to the lyrics.

There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for the support of the Hadi Abdur Research Fund...but I am thinking some silent crying is on the way. Maybe a snort or two if we get to $60,000by the end of the year.

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