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Oh, it’s so shiny.

A close friend got me this shiny toiletry bag when we moved to Children’s National. I love it. It reminds of how I was able to handle going back to a dorm like shower situation. It reminds me of the gorgeous view out of Hadi’s room at Children’s. It makes me smile as this isn’t the friend who is into shiny things...that being said, the one who is into shiny things showed up later that day with a unicorn onesie. I took the toiletry bag on our recent weekend trip to Baltimore. Granted, I will always miss the chaos that comes with trying to handle twins during travel, but I know Zakaria will make sure we are aware that Hadi is with us on all our trips. Zakaria explained that Hadi was jumping all around us. during breakfast, deciding which foods he thought were yummy. I smile thinking that Zakaria is continuing the tradition started by Leena of calling pigeons, aliens on our trips. There are other names as well but I can’t keep up, I believe seagulls are actually supposed to be called chickens. I may never know. I do know that NPR is discussing Despacito and I can imagine Hadi jamming to it and asking me to play it. Yes, I meant to make sure it’s stuck in your head now. ;)

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