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NPS Passport

I was in DC today and even after 18 years of being here, I still love walking around and taking it all in. Can I just tell you the DAR Library is absolutely beautiful? It was a bit tough to see all the flags at full staff after the New Zealand tragedy but that being said, President Trump has not yet lowered the flag for any foreign figure or tragedy. Which means I am extremely proud of myself for not ripping the MAGA hat of a tourist on a scooter as I walked back to my car. I chose to focus on the woman wearing a Jayhawk hat and smiling when she responded to my "Rock Chalk". Her husband did as well and I smiled as I think they were on spring break with their two kids. I thought about Hadi diligently filling out his brackets last year. I starting thinking about the cherry blossoms and the cute pictures of Hadi, Zakaria and Leena in front of them. I was at DAR preparing for an event and it was pretty awesome talking to the event manager. She had heard of aplastic anemia and she is going to Zion National Park in a few weeks. See, I have this notion that while Hadi is not physically present, there are signs he relays to me in different ways. Like, "Mommy, nothing beats Jannah but you really need to check out some more national parks". I just hope I remember to take along my NPS passport.

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