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No one in between...

I just dropped off Zakaria to his father for the first week of winter break. As I sit in my car in the garage, listening to Hamilton, I suppose I am not surprised by the tears streaming down my face. Leslie Odom and Wait For It gets me every time. ;)

My name is Saira Sufi and I made that clear at the NIH. Mom, Hadi’s mom, Ms. Sufi all were acceptable. Mrs. Rasheed was not. I was reminded of that when I might have been a bit harsh with the youngin who called today from Home Doctor to discuss my gutters and asked if he was speaking to Mrs. Rasheed. Well, maybe more than a bit but at least I am no longer on their list. Ya know, cause I got new gutters with the house rebuild.

I am working on yet another puzzle in my rebuilt house. It’s of Baby Yoda and man, how am I gonna wait for Season 3???

So, two more weeks of 2020. I promised myself I would sort through all the NIH memories before the new year. Well, I moved them from the living room to my office...that counts, right?

Islands in the Stream is now playing and I am still in my car. Maybe a different stream of tears. I mean, it’s Dolly. ❤️

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