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New York, New York

There are few things I love more than a New York bagel. Watching Hadi enjoy one a few years back is a lovely image in my head. We went to Zucker’s and Zakaria was pleased because it is close to his name. Zakaria insisted on having his egg and cheese on toast instead of a sesame seed bagel like he should have. No comment. The Harry Potter exhibit was pretty awesome and now I really want to go to The BritIsh Museum. I love that Aamir is up for random travel. I also am impressed that I found a sports bar to watch the KU game with alumni. Yes, I was probably the oldest one there and I am pretty sure I won’t be taking Zakaria to any more sports bars. And yes, that game sucked as well as Aamir’s UVA game. I also will say Zakaria went to his first and last cigar shop...there was a wall of Funko Pops and I wanted to go in. This then led to Zakaria having an entire discussion with us about his hatred of Phillip Morris. We stayed at a lovely place called The Tuscany. We stayed at the Ritz the first time we visited New York with the kids because that’s how we roll. As if...Aamir just had an absurd amount of Marriott points. I laugh thinking about getting the twins to take baths in the very fancy bathtub. I think travel is good for the soul. I also think the amazing amount of yummy coffee shops in New York is also good for the soul.

We also made sure people knew we were representing Team Watience while we were there.

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