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Neon God

"Yeah, I am free, free fallin'". Pandora started off with Tom Petty and now is on to James Taylor's "Fire and Rain". Now it is has turned to that obnoxious "saucy, saucy sweater" Tide ad (it will be in my head for the whole day)

. I do sort of feel like I am free falling, yes, I know the song is about relationships but I kinda think of it as...for the first time, I don't have a plan. Granted, there are a least five different lists going on in my head and on paper but they include figuring out how to make white chocolate raspberry scones and how to possibly get into pottery rather than how to ensure that all donors have the correct ribbons on their nametags during an event. That being said, if you are reading this, I am hoping you are fully aware that I will continue to advocate for bone marrow failure research, specifically for Aplastic Anemia and that will most likely include planning an event. However, it will center around making sure attendees are aware of the need to understand how evil adenovirus can be but it will be done with some sort of inclusion of Rubix cubes as well as Star Wars. And when I say evil, I mean like Carmello during the 2003 National Championship game. Still can't look at a Carmello bar at a grocery store without wanting to chuck it with force.

You know I am going to require you to wear a Hadi's Crew shirt while you attend one of our events.

And it a coincidence that you now decide to play "The Sound of Silence"? I think not.

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