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Mass Street

7-11 coffee is not too bad. I am waiting for my Honda’s safety inspection to be done and I decided to walk over to the 7-11 for my morning coffee. I must admit, there are far too many choices. Do people really go to 7-11 for Nitro coffee? It does make me want to go on a road trip though and stock up on far too many ridiculous snacks. Puppy chow, anyone? No, not muddy buddies, it is called puppy chow.

Now that we are getting back to some sense of “normalcy”, maybe I will plan a road trip. I am hoping to get back into a normal routine of going to Orange Theory. I went this morning and my body is mad confused. I also went for my annual woman doctor appointment yesterday. Oh, how my answers have changed in the past few years. How many pregnancies? How many live births? How many children? Really, no need to discuss birth control? Dude, can we just get this over with? Zakaria is 10 years old. How is that possible? He had his pediatrician appointment and of course thoroughly entertained the doctor. “My neck hurts because I read too much not because I look down at my screen when playing Minecraft”. Kid also had me questioning my family’s medical history. “Didn‘t GrandNana have a heart attack when he was 40?” Wait. What? Did he? How would you know? Seeing medical records has gotten a tad easier. Family...sibling-Hadi-deceased. Ok, maybe it hasn’t gotten easier. Oh, grief. You are like Mizzou. Yes, I did see the KU basketball schedule and am looking forward to the showdown. Grief is always there, just like my hatred for Mizzou. Can we say Quantrill? It’s just sometimes more intense. Yet, just as I don’t scream at the tv as much when KU plays horribly (Zakaria would disagree), I think I don’t hate grief as much as I used to...actually, that might not be accurate, I am just figuring out the best ways to handle it. Sit down, Norm. :)

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