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Mama Mia

I picked up some Keuring cups to drop off at NIH as a donation to the staff/family room. As I was checking out at the grocery store, the woman behind the cash register asked if I had the day off. I awkwardly said, "technically" (a day off from grieving, from being a mother, from being a spouse, etc???). I started to wonder what made her think I worked (in an office) and then of course I thought about what I want to do with my life. A friend recently told me that the world was my oyster. This now reminds me that I watched "Mama Mia Again" on the plane ride back from the Bahamas. I love me some Colin Firth but man, the movie was pretty bad. Anyway, I suppose I do have many work options, although while we were in the hospital, Hadi told me I had three options: to work in a blood bank, to be a doctor or to be a nurse. I am pretty sure he was aware that those professions are definitely not where my talents lie, however I wonder if he foresaw the fact that I need to make sure to be an advocate for blood donations (platelets and granulocytes as well) and that I should keep in touch with his doctors and nurses. Going back to our Bahamas trip, man, I love traveling but it was quite a different without twins. Granted, I still had to hold Zakaria's air sickness bag while we were landing but I didn't have to tell Hadi to turn off laptop at the same time or figure out a way they could both sleep on my lap while I had the middle seat. I didn't get to take my standard picture of the boys opening their maps and figuring out the schedules for the day. Alhumdullilah, it was an incredible trip overall and

I somehow have a feeling that Hadi made sure I met Jerod Haase (former KU player) even though we were there rooting for UVA. Now on to figuring out how to ensure I contribute towards our travel fund...I don't really like the sliminess of oysters.

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