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Let the Wookie Win.

I love the smell of cardamom. Once in awhile I crave pistachio ice cream. Just once in awhile, my Pakistani roots show through. These are my thoughts as I almost land in London for the Star Wars Celebration. It is 1:20am in Virginia and 6:20am here in London. Apparently I don’t realize I  am almost 44 years old and jaunting around London with my red back most likely will not be the same experience as it was when I was 25. Whateva, I will get some Cadbury and coffee and be set. I fasted while traveling and broke open my fast on the flight. Attendants kept trying to take my meal before 7:37pm. Talk about a death grip response.  I was considering fasting today but gonna use the travel caveat.  I mean, Allah understands Cadbury.

I was looking through pictures of when Hadi was at the NIH. Man, the shear amount of chocolate gifted to us was pretty awesome.

Thinking about how far I have come when it has come to accepting help and that people like me. I mean, I actually accepted a ride to the airport. Not quite sure why it is hard for me to accept favors but I am patting myself on the back. Well, maybe not for tearing up when the person giving me the ride handed  me a ziplock bag of crepes for me to break open my fast. It even had my name on it! It’s the little things. I am also wearing the softest sweatshirt that was gifted to me and it’s going to be hard changing out of it.

I am hearing a kiddo deal with motion sickness and I am missing my travel buddy, Zakaria. Also mad proud of my reflux skills when I am with him and I see that face or hear, “Mommy, bag”.  I think about all the times my sweet Hadi dealt with the stomach pains that went along with his chemo/medication. Yeah, that sucked. No longer, my sweet boy.

I am now on the Tube. There is a stop called Cockfosters. Yes, I am a middle school boy. I also am pretty sure I will get lost figuring out the Tube but heck, it’s London.

Alright, Star Wars Celebration is London is craziness. Let’s just say there is a whole lot of people. Awesome cosplay and now I am in the Funko Pops line. Let’s see how this goes. At least there was music in L.A. I went to a panel that discussed the design productions for the sequels and it was awesome. Seeing how BB-8 came about as well as the porgs was awesome. Took me back to being in Ireland on the same island some filming was done with a good friend.

Saturday at the Star Wars Celebration was mostly awesome because I was able to watch a friend geek out at the experience. The Make A Wish exhibit was awesome and I got a picture of Chewie. Reminded me of when Hadi dressed up as Chewie and creeped out one of his favorite nurses. I then attended a costuming panel and allowed the tears to fall as I listened to the panelists talk about their experiences visiting kiddos in hospitals. After the Celebration, my friend took me to some hipster markets. It was cool seeing all the halal options. I now understand how good beans can truly be in a yummy halal English breakfast. I will also be dreaming about how incredible that hot chocolate was for awhile. I am waiting in line to get into my last day at the Celebration. I am tired but I have my coffee. Even though I still have no clue how to order a simple coffee here. I will learn for the next time I am here with Zakaria. :)I am now at Heathrow and yes, Cadbury was purchased along with Walkers shortbread and all I can say is that I am exhausted and Alhumdulillah for this trip. My first international solo trip as a divorced women. Definitely not my last.

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