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Kissy Noises

Hadi and Zakaria leaped towards me and started kissing my cheeks when they realized how sad I was the day we we were told they couldn’t be in the same room together until 100 days after Hadi’s first transplant. I must say I am proud of how creative we were to make sure the siblings could still communicate. Walkie talkies, window markers, FaceTime were a huge help but it was heartwrenching when they would reach their arms out to each other just wanting to hug each other. Seeing the tears in Leena’s eyes after being allowed to just stand in the doorway of her brother’s room made me realize how strong their sibling bond was. Did you know you can use a Wii remote through a hospital room window? 2018 is almost over and what a year it has been. In regards to what to expect from me in 2019...I feel spray painting and decoupage are in my future. Obviously I will continue to promote Aplastic Anemia awareness and research in honor of my Hadi. My Hadi who could read me like a book and give a loud kissy noise when he could tell I was in a funk. Zakaria will continue to also promote Aplastic Anemia awareness and he is perfecting his explanation. Our Uber driver from today, Mr. Jerry now can tell others a bit about bone marrow failure. What else does 2019 hold? Team Watience will be internationally known and Hadi’s Be The Match fundraising page will reach $100K because you all will spread the word about how a seven year old kid who could solve a Rubik‘s Cube in less than two minutes has impacted you. There will be a Funko Pop made in Hadi’s honor. The Edge will sing a song about Hadi. Illy and Lavazza as well as Cadbury will put together items in Hadi’s name. Oh, and we will figure out who can competently run our country. InshAllah. 😊

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