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It’s fun to say billy goat!

It is a Sunday morning and I am deciding whether I want to hit the Farmer’s Market or just chill at my apartment. I am supposed to work on my vision board and forgiveness list but jammin to Salt N Peppa is more my speed at the moment. Allah is the best of planners and I reminded myself of that yesterday when bawling my eyes out watching a clip of students and teachers applauding their classmate as he returned to school after his last chemotherapy treatment. He strutted down that hallway just like my Hadi would have at Horizon. I looked out the window and saw a beautiful cardinal and realized it was my Hadi telling me that he still struts into’s just his class is with Prophet Ibrahim. 😊

I took an Orange Theory class this morning and I am seriously considering getting a water rower to put in my house. Supposedly, the rebuild will start within the next few weeks. I am excited but I kinda have gotten use to the smell from the neighbors below that reminds me of my days of going to Dave Matthews Band Concerts. It’s January 12th and it’s 62 degrees, I am processing that as well as the fact that I am officially separated and accepting that Virginia requires a year of separation before being divorced. I explained this to Poe, he didn’t take it well.

My initial thoughts on what I want more of for 2020:

-Dried figs (thank you Sprouts market)

-Farmer girl flowers

-Hikes (I think I should attempt Billy Goat again)


-Funding the Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund

-Truly embracing my new normal...well, let’s be honest, my new normal changes quite often...Alhumdullilah

-Strengthening my bond with the amazing Zakaria Sufi Rasheed, who continues to surprise me with his beautiful mind, creativity and resilience and his never ending bond with that twin of his

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