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I prefer Matthew Crawley

I watched "Beauty and the Beast" last night, the live action version. It was the first time in forever that I actually watched a whole movie without getting on my phone or deciding something had to be done during the movie like, I dunno, cleaning my vases. I loved watching Leena sing along and hearing Zakaria laugh. Hadi never was too much into movies, which is just painful when you are in a hospital setting. Kid could watch three hours of Peppa Pig but refused to watch a movie. Star Wars became the exception after his second transplant was on May 4th and he decided he wanted to understand "May the 4th Be With You". Aamir made popcorn and I am now thinking about how excited Hadi was about the refillable popcorn bucket at Disney World. I am thinking about how Aamir and nurse Kelly both burned popcorn at the NIH and how there was a "code red" at the exact moment Hadi was waiting for a CT scan and the cause turned out to be...burnt popcorn.

I was so happy to see Be The Match represented at the ADAMS (the mosque we attend) on Friday to get people on the registry and bring attention to Liyna's story. I keep thinking about her beautiful smile but I also keeping thinking about her mother. She obviously raised a beautiful warrior.

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