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I must find a foam pit

No, I really have no desire to learn how to tie a knot by "poking him in the eye." That is what I wanted to say to the Sport Rock instructor on Friday. Aamir signed us up for a beginners rock climbing class and as I stood there feeling like I was being talked to like a child, so many emotions arose. Annoyance at the fact that I assumed the class would be more about climbing a simple rock wall and not learning how to tie a double 8 knot while wearing an obnoxious harness. Frustration that I couldn't quite get the knots as quickly as others. Sadness in thinking that Hadi would have been more of a kind and patient helper than Aamir or the instructor. And it all became too much and I didn't want to cry in front of the group and so I took off the harness and as the instructor was telling me I could do it, I quietly let him know that I actually didn't want to and that it wasn't fun for me and I wanted to have fun on a Friday night. I then decided I could walk home...alone, ya know, the one thing I would hope my children will never ever think is a bright idea. So yeah, in realizing that Cascades Parkway could use some more sidewalks, it freaking felt awesome to have the wind on my face and be doing something that I enjoyed. Another note, the bridge on Algonkian Parkway? Yeah, the trail doesn't connect to the other side. Alas, my feet finally feel the way they do after a nice hike. On my walk, I thought about the fact that yes, Aamir found something besides dinner and a movie for us to do on a Friday night while Zakaria was at "Parents Night Out" but maybe next time, we go for something like painting pottery instead or maybe jumping into a foam pit. Let's be honest though, Aamir would probably have to pull me out.

In other news, I am still getting used to our new bidet toilet. The first night it was installed, I woke up to use the bathroom and the thing greeted me and it freaked me out that I actually jumped. Zakaria's reaction was priceless, I didn't know his eyes could get that huge. It reminded me of when Hadi first used the bidet toilet at my brother's house in Chicago around 3am and not so quietly said, "there is water shooting up my butt!"

It's President's Day and yet we are apparently in a National Emergency. No comment. Ya know what I feel should get as much news as the National Emergency? I went out to brunch with some fabulous friends on Saturday and I didn't drink any of the Lavazza coffee. I am trying to just do one cup a day and I think I deserve an award. Sitting at brunch with those friends made me think about all the time I spent at NIH and how they would make sure I always had enough to eat (not sure I can bribe them to make me chili or amazing chicken pot pie again) or how the perfume one gave me for my birthday reminds me of all the entertaining stories she was able to provide (just a reminder that if you are going to offer to bring pumpkins to decorate, you need to tell your husband to not remove the pumpkins from your trunk).

We were also able to visit another friend whose generosity pretty much knows no bounds. Every time I use my acrylic paints, I think of how she went out to the art store and bought them to the NIH for me and told me to let out my inner Bob Ross. She also pulled this sign out and said it was something small. Yeah, she might think so but if she only knew how much it meant to us.











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