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I am grateful for:

1. Wegman’s

2. Cookie Latte

3. Nephews and Nieces

4. Macy’s Day Parade

5. Paul Simon

6. Frozen II 7. Reminders that I am loved from unexpected people

8. Being able to truly be myself

9. Memories of Ibrahim asking me to explain the phrase, America Runs on Dunkin

10. Yoda

11. Hadi

12. An amazing support network/tribe

13. Zakaria and his ridiculousness

14. Cadbury

15. Jenny Cakes

16. Banjo

17. Holiday Lights

18. Disney

19. WTF as a phrase

20. Team Watience Support

21. Aplastic Anemia Research and AAMDS

22. Firefighters

23. Home Insurance

24. Power of dua

25. Jayhawks

26. Scottish accents

27. Burnt ends

28. Coffee

29. Volunteering

30. Gardening

31. Attorneys

32. Mumford and Sons

33. Comfy blankets

34. Travel

35. Praying outside

36. NIH

37. Children’s National

38. Nurses who truly care

39. Courage

40. Honesty

41. For all those who have joined me on this journey. Happy Thanksgiving! What are you grateful for?

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