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How Sweet It Is

I used to live in Arlington, Courthouse to be exact. Zakaria and I recently met up with some friends for brunch in Arlington and a lot of memories hit me. The main one waa seeing that Summer’s Restaurant had shut down. I remember meeting my ex-husband there to watch a KU game when we were getting to know another. The symbolism of the giant hole that is now there did not escape me. Later on that week, I happened to be driving in Tyson’s and realized the McCormick and Schmick’s had permanently shut down. One of our anniversary restaurants. Seemed apropos.

Brunch was a lovely way to close out the weekend. Tupelo Honey was delicious and because Zakaria is adamant that scraping the marshmallows off isn’t enough, I ended up with his sweet potato casserole. Kid doesn’t mess around with gelatin. I also spent the weekend helping my lovely parents fix their phones. My mother’s phone had been hacked and I am happy to report we cleared out her YouTube but made sure to keep the Smurfs in Arabic (because that apparently is a good way to learn), Willie Nelson and James Taylor. On my dad’s phone, we were able to fix his voicemail message after having to leave multiple test voicemails…Dad, this is your daughter and I am amazing.

Hadi’s nurses always laughed when he would look at me and ask, “What was I going to say?” and I would respond with, “That I am amazing.” I connected with one of his nurses lately and she talked about one of the multi clicker pens Hadi had given her and how special it was to her. Later that day, Zakaria pulled out one of the same types of pens was all excited because he thought we lost it in the fire. Coincidence? Nah.

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