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How many uses does a syringe have?

I just dropped Zakaria off at Saturday school and now I am at Target (shocking, I know). They are doing “Shop With a Cop”. It reminds me of when Santa delivered four satchels of gifts to Hadi’s room at the NIH. Hadi loved saying that Mommy was going to have to do a lot of damage control once we got home as we went from no gifts around Christmas to an absurd amount of awesome gifts. I am still not a fan of the commercialism of the holidays but at the end of the day, watching a kid in a hospital environment open a gift is pretty heart warming. I have gotten so used to saying I don’t celebrate Christmas but I started to question what that means when I was handing out “Christmas” gifts to kids named Mohammed during the Gifts Kids drive at Cornerstones. I am also watching a lot of parents come in here with their kids in soccer uniforms. I know I would have to be enjoying my Starbucks outside at a soccer game if Hadi was still physically with us. I also know he would want to make sure we prepared lunches for the shelter and of course Zakaria would figure out the assembly line. I know of some Aplastic Anemia Warrior parents going through some difficult times. Some difficult times, what does that mean? It all freaking sucks. I mean, not the watching Hadi trying to get his nurses to let him use a syringe as a water gun against them but more all of the pain a parent wishes they could take away from their child. Anyway, please keep them in your prayers, positive thoughts and continue to make sure that more people learn from Hadi’s story. As always, thank you for indulging me by letting me write. Bhoi bhoi.

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