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I just finished doing wudu (cleansing before prayer) in an airport bathroom. Of course there was the anxiety of what would happen if someone saw me splashing water all over myself and I thought, ya know what? My kids are already unapologetically Muslim. So what if I get an odd stare...I will explain wudu and then I will show off my cool Luigi socks. This came to my mind as I remembered Zakaria stating somewhat loudly that he did not want to walk through the casino at our resort because “gumbling” isn’t allowed in Islam.

Back to the grind tomorrow. Not quite sure what that means for me. I will definitely keep myself busy ensuring that the memory of Hadi is honored as well as explaining the need for Aplastic Anemia research as well as advocaring for Be The Match. But “the grind”? I will go to the grocery store with Zakaria and look at those massive carts with cars attached and think about how much of a hassle it was taking twins to Giant. I will get Zakaria ready in the morning and realize that it goes quicker when you don’t have to ask twins multiple times to get away of the space heater after their shower. And I will go for a walk in the bitter cold and think about running into the ocean with my night suit on like Hadi did in Mrytle Beach the next time I get the chance.

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